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Building Community

Parallel to our research is our work in building community. Connecting with others who share similar strengths and challenges can transform difficult situations into positive and enriching experiences. You can join our community by simply visiting our website forums, signing up for our mailing list, or you can volunteer or participate in one of our research or outreach projects.

We provide:

  • Mentoring opportunities for children, adults, and science professionals to support their interests in science learning and/or pursuit of astronomy careers
  • Support for those seeking to change teaching practice in schools, to build on individual capabilities people bring to science
  • Information about new technologies to support learning
  • Encouragement to foster respect for those who think outside the box
  • Learning resources to support individuals who learn differently

If you wish to contact us confidentially for any reason, you may send an email to cfa.nsf.study@verizon.net.